Begini rasanya kehilangan yang kita sayang.. :((

Pasti ga sedikit dari abang2, enon2, enyak2, babeh2, yang pernah ngalamin situasi kayak saya, kehilangan henpon…(doh) Henpon hasil jerih payah sendiri, yang selalu setia nemenin kita selama ini, walopun dah pernah kecemplung di wc, dah pernah terkoyak di jalan, dah pernah ditinggalin nginep semaleman di kantor di tempat gelap, huhuhu.. ternyata memang segitulah lamanya takdirnya […]

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Le Grand Voyage

I don’t know what to say about this movie. It’s incredebly amazing! It’s a simple story of live but really awaking me. Okay, the story is about a father (Mohammed Majd) who asked his teenage son (Nicolas Cazale), names Reda, to drive him to go to mecca for having hajj.  The father feel that this […]

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Hello there,

I’m Larrus.. I like watching movie and then give it comments.. I like watching music tv shows, like American Idol.. And I like watching dorama..but the recommended dorama of course.. Hope we can share our hobby..:)

I’m exactly a statistician.. But i like to post something and share it with others.. Hopefully this blog will be usefull for everybody.. 🙂

Ja minna.. 🙂