Shutter Island

My opinion:

At first i saw this movie review; I really really want to watch it. It’s like that I’m not allowed missing this movie 😛 because the actor is Leonardo D’Caprio, which of course the his acting has no hesitancy. A friend of mine told me that this movie is really confusing because the story only tells the actor’s fantasy, and he got disappointment in the end of the story, because of his wrong ending guess :p. But I don’t think so, the movie is asking us of keep guessing how’s the next’s scene, which of course it’s also supported by the acting of the casts, so it’s a good movie. And we can easily guess the riddle of the story, at least i think so. But the too long duration of this movie becomes the minus for it, and yeah.. in the middle of the story it makes me feel boring for a while, for it’s seemed like a never ending trouble keep coming which hardly solved. I mean that the new problems keep coming while the old ones have not been sold. Overall, Shutter Island thought us how is unhealthy mentally people are thinking, it also awakes us that  things are not always what they seem to be. I give it 3.5/5 🙂


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