Le Grand Voyage

I don’t know what to say about this movie. It’s incredebly amazing! It’s a simple story of live but really awaking me.
Okay, the story is about a father (Mohammed Majd) who asked his teenage son (Nicolas Cazale), names Reda, to drive him to go to mecca for having hajj.  The father feel that this year was the time for him for carrying out the fifth pillar of Islam. The father is very pertinacious, while his son, as commonly teenagers, is really stubborn and kinda underestimate his father. No wonder, Reda was felt really compelled for being a driver for his father. Along the journey,France-Mecca, so many things happened, like the unknown passenger who insist to come in their drive, the guide whom his father didn’t like, the losing money part, the son who was drunk and took a women to the hotel, cars buried in snow so that the father was sick, until when the child is chasing the goat, because he told his father that he wants to eat meat to increase his stamina (this one is the funny part), but all of them are changing their point of view of life. So many wise sentences said by the father to his son which is really inspiring us.  And the ending..is really unpredictable. Probably it seem like it is a sad story, but it’s not. I’m happy for the father. 🙂

You know what? You should watch it! Watch it here


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